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Xero - Futureproofed Software for your Growing Business.

Xero has always been cloud based simply due to the scalability this business model offers. This feature has come to the forefront in recent years with Xero seeing exponential growth thanks to their aggressive sales strategy as well as the high level of service and uptime stats.

With over 200,000 business customers globally and more businesses signing up on a daily basis thanks to their aggressive sales strategy, Xero training is now in high demand both domestically and internationally.

By using SQL Server 2012 hosted with Rackspace, Xero affords users some of the latest features of SQL server which means that Xero is the perfect fit for your business no matter the size.

At Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions Ltd., we can help you set up your custom solution and train you or your employees on it. Xero solutions can grow with your business so you needn't worry about re-training when it's time to take it to the next level. Talk to us today about how we can help you save time and make money.