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Bookkeeping is often a tedious, yet neccessary task for business owners and employees alike. You need to keep track of all the money flowing through your business for many reasons such as figuring out the right amount of PAYE, Income Tax, GST etc. to pay as well as to keep track of payments due to and by you.

Not everyone has the patience, skills or time to keep a complete set of books and often people tend to neglect this with grave consequences. Poorly kept books often result in incorrect tax returns and a false idea about the position of your business. Good bookkeeping helps you keep track of all your business' activities such as credit control, cashflow management and the right amount of tax to be paid. This way you can make sure you get paid on time, have a sound idea of your business' performance and don't get on the wrong side of the IRD.

At Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions Ltd, we can take over your bookkeeping operations in order to free up your time and to ensure that the job gets done properly and in a timely fashion, thus preventing any nasty surprises at the end of it all.

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