MYOB Training

Want to learn MYOB? You've come to the right place.

Spending too much time on balancing the books and keeping track of money? Free up your time with MYOB. At Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions Ltd, we can customise your MYOB solution for you and train you or your staff either at your office or online in how to best use the suits.

Don't worry if you don't have an accounting background. Our certified MYOB consultants will make set up and learning a breeze. We will discuss the metrics you wish to monitor with you and customise the software for ease of use.

Our services aren't limited to MYOB, in fact we also offer Xero Training and Setup given that Xero is quickly gaining ground in NZ. Both suites are powerful and functional, however it comes down to personal preference as well as deciding which solution will work best for YOUR business.

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If you're ready to focus more on the operations on your business and worry less about bookkeeping and accounting, then talk to us today about the solutions we offer.

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Easy Payroll Management.

With MYOB, you can manage payroll and taxes quite easily with the click of a few buttons. Gone are the days of fiddling with your calculator for hours on end.

Anytime, Anywhere

MYOB Live is available anywhere with an internet connection and plugs into your bank account giving you live updates on your accounts and figures. Manage your accounts from the beach if you want...

Holiday Management & Kiwisaver

Simplify business processses further by getting the software to handle these accounting and business management details. If you have multiple employees all these intricacies can add up and eat valuable time and brainpower.